Jharkhand Tourism Seminar

The Seminar ‘Destination Jharkhand: Rhythms of the Earth’ was organized in collaboration with the Intangible Cultural Heritage Division, at Pragati Maiden, New Delhi on 21st November 2011 to promote tourism rich cultural, natural and historical heritage, and vernacular architecture etc. of the State based the following objectives:

  •   Access (Road/Rail/Air) to the State – Jharkhand as a Tourism Destination of India for domestic and overseas tourists
  •  Background – History, Mythology, Natural and Cultural (tangible and intangible) heritage of the State- the showcase of India’s oldest civilization
  • Uniqueness – Rich resources of the State – forest, wildlife sanctuaries, minerals and industries
  • Product development of ethnic art and crafts, cuisine, fair and festivals, tribal culture, sightseeing and events after conducting extensive cultural mapping
  • Infrastructure development with green initiative and eco-friendly practices on facilitating tourism in the State to enhance economic growth of the State and poverty alleviation in an environmentally sustainable manner
  • Market research on product development such as Adventure Tourism, Pilgrimage Tourism, Rural Tourism, Tribal Tourism, Cultural Tourism etc.
  • Marketing development programmes for promotion of Jharkhand Tourism
  • Production of publicity material in collaboration with private Sector – draw an itinerary of a tour package of the State supported by Tour Operators / Tour Agents
  • Road-map for print and visual media campaign
  • Prepare a concept of Jharkhand Tourism with innovative ideas along with action plans to promote tourism in the State within a stipulated time-frame and formation of destination development plan
  • Connect local and national tour operators to form tourist circuits

The outcome of the Seminar was, the proposed cultural mapping of the state, to identify heritage villages for the tourism development plans, capacity building to provide training in heritage and hospitality, organize state festivals to showcase the culture, conservation of the buildings, which are historically important and tangible heritage of the State, such as, Anglo-Indian settlements as well as the Zamindars from Bengal.

In continuation of the seminar, a 4-day Jharkhand Mahotsav was also organized as a showcase of the state tribal music concert, dance performance, craft workshop, dance workshop, film on craft and tourism. Many craft and food stalls were designed and organized by INTACH. The craftsmen from Jharkhand were arranged to sell their products and the performers to present their own traditions.