Thematic Areas

The Heritage Tourism Division undertakes a wide range of activities that include:

1. Development of Heritage sites/ circuits which have potential
a) Re-use of heritage property for various cultural purposes
b) Facilitating marketing and promotion of the heritage sites and destinations, identified by INTACH
c) Identifying unexplored heritage destinations and circuits for tourism
d) Identifying, developing and promoting ‘heritage villages’

2. Developing of heritage interpretation centres with signages

3. Detailing heritage tours and walks at identified places using the listings of INTACH and promoting them through INTACH Chapters

4. Developing training modules for guides of heritage sites

5. Providing advice on issues connected with heritage properties and hotels

6. Conducting tourism impact assessment studies to assess the impact of tourism on heritage sites conserving socio-economic political and economic aspects and tourist surveys

7. Providing inputs to Central/State Governments on heritage tourism policies